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1st press release

Latest Updates from the 1st Transnational Program Meeting

Rome, Italy - January 20, 2024 - In the era of digital revolution, where access to online tools is ubiquitous, navigating the digital landscape responsibly has become increasingly challenging. Recognizing this important need, the Transnational Program Meeting convened on January 18 and 19 at the Department of Political Science of the University of Roma Tre, under the banner of the Digi-Civis project. At the meeting, partners of the consortium were present and engaged on the topic.

The discussions centered around the importance of digital citizenship education, particularly within educational institutions and the steps for the realization of project’s results. The project aims to foster educators’ knowledge so to equip learners with essential skills and competences required to navigate the digital realm responsibly. Key topics included understanding pillars of Digital Citizenship such as digital rights and obligations, as well as legal aspects pertaining to online interactions.

With a firm commitment to integrating European digital competencies into school curricula, Europe Direct of the University will support for the initiative. "The Digi-Civis project represents a crucial step towards empowering individuals to navigate the digital landscape confidently and responsibly" has remarked the Director of the Department, Emilia Fiandra. "We are all excited to collaborate closely  to ensure the successful integration of European digital skills into educational curricula” has continued Chair Professor Raffaele Torino.

This first occasion of interaction among partners paved the way for strong collaboration and committment to project’s objectives.

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